The Mouthy Mermaid talks About The Girdle Bathing Suit and Other Things Today!!!!!

Vacation a few years ago.

Good Morning Dear Readers,

Well, The Mouthy Mermaid is finally getting out of her mental funk.  Why was I in a mental funk who knows……I don’t…… but I know I am feeling better about life in general even though it’s about 114 degrees here in fabulous Tucson, Arizona.


This is how I felt in the new bathing suit.

So, I get we are aging women but REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  About a month or so ago Angel Girl were shopping at CostCo and they had really cute bathing suits for sale.  If you live in Tucson and have a pool a requirement is a closet of bathing suits because the chlorine eats up all that spandex.

So, we were looking at bathing suits and I picked one and I thought Angel Girl picked one, but she didn’t.  So, I buy a very cute bathing suit and it sat on the dresser for a few weeks because I really love my other Walmart cheap bathing suit and one day we were having people over and I  thought, hmmmm, I will wear my new bathing suit.

Well, putting on that bathing suit was like squeezing into a pair of the old days control top panty hose. I was thinking, really is this too tight, really should I take this back, really am I that FAT?  It was a miserable experience.  And I was dying laughing the entire time.  Finally, I got myself into this fancy new bathing suit and I thought, hmmmmmm?????  I’m going to take this back.  So, I go outside and Mr says “I love that suit, is it new?”  Hmmm.   It loosened up when I got in the pool.  Have I worn it again Hell NO.  Will I, maybe.

Who remembers these? OUCH

Why, do we as women feel we need to be thinner, cuter, sexier etc?  It has all been pounded in our heads by family, (mother) media, magazines, the doctor or WHATEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!  All of this makes us, WOMEN feel like we don’t make the cut, we are NOT GOOD ENOUGH, PRETTY ENOUGH, ETC.  You all get the idea.

As I was at dinner the other night with our family for our 7 year old granddaughter’s birthday, she went to reach for another roll and her mother almost had a heart attack.  I about had a heart attack and felt like saying “leave her alone, she is 7 and happy and healthy.”  This is how we lead our children into eating disorders.  Her mother is very skinny.  I was not that happy with her.

Besides, the girdle bathing suit all Mermaid life is going well.  We are staying as cool as possible, the animals and the plants are mostly alive.  Living in this heat is so oppressive I don’t even know what to say.

The Tucson desert. This pic is from Sonoita, Arizona. There are huge fires there right now.

So, today I will do what I did yesterday, spend the day in the pool under an umbrella not wearing my girdle bathing suit.  I just can’t go there.

And, I am going to HH with some old friends this evening.  I had to ask what HH ment when they invited me.  LOL, I am not an HH person but I am excited to catch up with some old friends.  BTW, HH means Happy Hour.  I think I will have Ice Tea.  I am not much of a drinker.

So, on this very hot day I am sending Mermaid love to all of you.  I would love to hear what ya all have to say about THE GIRDLE BATHING SUIT.

Have a happy, positive and fun day.

Love, Thelma

The Mouthy Mermaid



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The Mouthy Mermaid Talks About Life After Death

Good Morning Dear Readers,

As you can see from my title, Life After Death????  I don’t even know why I am writing about this today.  Why, I guess because it is constantly on my mind.

How do we get by?  How do we get through a death of a loved one?  About 10 years ago I lost my husband, he had been sick for a number of years, was it a shock or a surprise NO, was I sad and lost yes!!!!!  Did I make some crazy decisions, YES.  Am I OK, yes, now.

This death of Michael has totally rocked me!!!!!!!!!!!  It is constantly on my mind and in my soul.  Is this how it’s always going to be?  I don’t know.

Very weird things happen.  A few weeks ago, the doorbell rang and I answered the door, and a young man was outside and he said he was from Teen Challenge, Teen Challenge is a Christian based  drug abuse center and I think nation wide.  We chatted for a bit and he looked a lot like Michael.  I told him the Michael story and we prayed outside and he wrote his name down and asked if their group could add him to their nightly prayer list, of course I replied.  It was such a strange experience and a really warm feeling BECAUSE OF COURSE I TALKED TO MICHAEL MANY TIMES ABOUT TEEN CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I truly believe God brought that kid to my house for a REASON or a LESSON.

Love and Blessings

I have really been in a weird, vague funk or something, I don’t really know what.  I have not wanted to interact much, I have been very low key, (not really my style), staying home and enjoying peace and quiet.  I think in this past year I have been a HUMAN DOING, NOT A HUMAN BEING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Aunt Rae)  I have been on a radio show about drugs, gotten his story on the front page of the newspaper, spoken to a few groups and met countless parents that have gone through the same thing.  I don’t even know how I meet these people, they just come to me in some way.  I think I am hot and tired and need rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And REALLY I am kinda sick of this entire subject, too bad it is EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the other side of all of this, I have had a sinus infection for I really think about a year and last Monday the doctor put me on a new med and I am feeling so much better, I can finally hear out of my right ear.  She said there was so much fluid in my ear if it didn’t clear up I would have to have surgery on my ear.  Now I am not saying HUH to everyone.  Thank you God.

My next goal:  Getting our family, animals and plants through a weekend with the temps up to 114.  That is unbearable for me.  I really dislike the heat and I don’t love living in Arizona.  The dust is not a happy place for me.

And on a side note, my little, sweet Shih Tzu, Lovey has lost his mind.  We have added a desert tortoise to our family in a lovely habitat in the backyard.  Lovey is obsessed about him and spends most of the day

My sweet Lovey!!!!!!!!!!!

outside barking at him.  Last night he was so dirty he had to have a hose bath and he has never had a hose bath in his life.  He gets his baths from Pampered Paws because Lovey is a pampered spoiled boy.  He was a bit in shock from a hose bath.  Therefore he hasn’t been barking at the turtle today.  Hmmmm!!!!  Did he learn a lesson?

So, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  Really, I am feeling better and I am feeling better from writing all of this.   I guess!!!!!!

And to all my wonderful readers, Happy Father’s Day.  Have a wonderful weekend and live and love.  Eat the cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS  Sending love to Renee, I know she will understand all of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks for Reading,

Love, Thelma, The Mouthy Mermaid



The Mouthy Mermaid talks About 20 Ways to get Through the Summer in Arizona

Good Morning Dear Readers,

As I am talking to ya all this morning, it’s not HOT yet, it’s 75.  I love 75, but as the week goes on it is going to get cooking, 111 by Sunday.  UGH.  But, yes it’s a dry heat!!!!  Whoever made that one up kills me.  Any way you look at it it’s HOT.  Here is my list on how to survive the HEAT in Arizona.

  1. Pretend you are a Mermaid.
  2. Go to the pool.

    New pool, new yard.
  3. Stay inside.
  4. Run your A/C so you don’t even care how much the bill is.
  5. Read a book.
  6. Take a nap.
  7. Binge watch Netflix.
  8. Don’t turn on the oven, because it’s like an oven outside.
  9. Go to the Mall, and I hate the Mall.
  10. Take an hour drive to the mountains.
  11. Drink water, drink water, drink water, drink water.
  12. Don’t watch the news, it will just make you hotter.
  13. Go to a church to meditate.

    Vacation a few years ago.
  14. Go to the grocery store.
  15. Order take out.
  16. Look on line and plan a pretend trip where it’s cool.
  17. Fool around on Facebook.
  18. Do your errands early.
  19. Don’t cook.
  20. Write a blog.

So that’s my list and I am sticking to it.  How do ya all get through the heat??????  Please share your tips with me because I feel like summer here is the most oppressive state of mind imaginable.

Sabino Canyon in the Spring

I do have a trip planned but not until August, I may die of heat by August.  I am looking forward to our summer Monsoons.  Can’t wait to have rain.

And, life in general.  Mermaid life is just fine, very quiet and low key and I guess that is what I need right now.  I don’t really have an answer for any of that.  I am OK and OK is OK.



Happy Tuesday,

Love, Thelma, The Mouthy Mermaid

PS  Congrats to Steve Kerr, a hometown BB player.  He is starting to remind me of Lute!!!!!!!!!

As I Drink My Coffee This Morning……

Good Morning Dear Readers,

As I drink my coffee this morning I am thinking…..I really don’t like this coffee today and I may switch it up soon to Diet Pepsi…..I don’t even know why????

That covers a lot today……I don’t even know why????  I don’t know why I have been feeling totally unmotivated lately.  I guess I need to recharge my batteries.  I don’t really even feel like going anywhere or doing much.  We have been floating in the new pool a lot.

Is it because of the weather?  It is very HOT here in Tucson, but of course it’s a dry heat!!!!   Every time I hear someone say that, I think what are they talking about????  HOT is HOT any way you look at it, right?

Is it because we have finally finished a 2 month construction project here.  Maybe?????  That project really took a lot out of me, with the constant blowing up of dust and all the changes happening here.

New pool, new yard.

Or, is it because I am shorted out?????  It seems to be that since Michael died, if I put too much or much on my plate I feel totally overwhelmed.  I really don’t know?  Louise is going to ask her therapist about all of this today for me.  I really don’t know or understand.

Old pool, old yard. New pool, new yard = $$$$$$$

I do know one thing.  I need a vacation or a change of scenery.  Mr totally doesn’t understand any of that.  He would be happy staying in this house forever.  But, in his job, he is on the road in a work bucket truck 40+ hours a week.  We are trying to plan a short weekend to San Diego soon.  That’s a big deal for him.  Last year I got him on a real vacation and he had a really good time once he got his mind around all of that.  And I am having a real vacation in August.  I am going to see Angel Girl in San Diego and we are going to the beach every day.  That is a real vacation for me.

Vacation a few years ago.

Do ya all ever just feel like you want to JUST BE??????  That’s how I am feeling right now.  

We were really busy on the weekend, we had all of Mr’s kids and grand-kids here to BBQ and swim in the new pool.  We had a really good time and Mr loved it.  So, that’s what it is all about.

I really feel like this is a boring story today and maybe that’s because I am bored and don’t really have much going on.  I am very happy right now reading novels from Amazon on my Kindle and watching Netflix.  What is wrong with me???????

But, I did figure out how to take pics from my phone and load them on my computer so today I am going to show you real pics from my real life.

It’s been fun showing ya all real pics from my real life.

Real Thelma, not pretend Thelma.

Have a great weekend and please can someone tell me what’s wrong with me???????

(Maybe I have lost weight)!!!!!  This was a few years ago.




Thelma, The Mouthy Mermaid