The Mouthy Mermaid Talks About The News Interview

Good Morning Dear Readers,

Sending peace and love to everyone this morning……It is early here and very lovely because it rained all night.  In Arizona we love rain!!!!!!!

Jenna Lee from Tucson channel 13. The interview was great.

Well, last week was the NEWS interview.  I was so relaxed, it was very weird.  So, I woke up that morning and Jenna Lee, the news person asked me to get some pictures and other Michael stuff out so she could look at it.  The picture from his kindergarten really did me in, she loved that pic.  So, they got here and the photographer set up all these crazy lights and her and I just talked in our living room.  Her story is going to be about how doctors overperscribe.  She told me there are 300 doctors in this city who have issues with their medical licenses because of this and they are still practicing.  HMMMMMMM…………………………………………  Enough said about all of this because we all know the end of this story.

Life is busy right now but nice and fun and low key.  Hahahahaha for a change I really don’t have much to say.

Mr. and I are getting ready for our trip to San Diego and today I am going to book a fishing charter for us.  I can’t wait to have nice weather and see some water that isn’t in my yard even though my new yard is beautiful.

And I want to talk about Bob for a moment…….Bob is our new addition to our family, because of course I need more pets and of course more pets with special needs.  YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.

Meet Bob

My dear friend, the lovely Miss M knew I had been wanting a Desert Tortoise and one day she called me and said her husband had found one and did I want it.  Well of course I can’t say NO to animals.  So, we meet at Home Depot because she says Bob needs special plants in his enclosure and yes he does and I get Bob and plants and we move on.  And I am having a good time feeding Bob, kale, watermelon, strawberries lettuce and the usual stuff you would feed a Desert Tortoise.  Well, after looking at Bob and looking a my friends Desert Tortoise, Bob doesn’t look like them.  So of course I dig around on the internet and Bob is an African Spur Tortoise.  You know those huge tortoises you see in the zoo, well guess what that’s what Bob is and of course Bob has to have a special diet and all this business including daily

Lovey has issues with Bob.

soaking.  Dear God.  On Friday I had to go to the feed store and buy him hay.  Now I have hay in my kitchen in a bag because I don’t even know where to put it.  but, he loves the hay pellets and that is that.  We really enjoy having Bob.  All of us except the dog. Hehehehehe.

And today, I am spending time with my friend Barbara Fredricks who is an addiction and family therapist to help her with her website and whatever else she needs.  Monday is a Barbara day.  

So, I don’t have any earth shattering news to share today and I guess that is great 🙂

And, one more thing:  on Saturday we went to a very fancy cactus farm to buy some cactus.  It was so cool, they had about 10 huge greenhouses of cactus.  It was quite a learning experience.

Check out the link, we had a great time there but it was so HOT I felt like I was going to die and it cost big fat $$$$$  and we bought some cool stuff.

Well there you go:  All is good in Mermaid land.  Getting ready for vacation and Thank You God for a vacation.

Peace and Love,

Thelma, The Mouthy Mermaid



PS: Mr Trump has the lowest rating of any President 36% except Gerald Ford.  What do you say to all of that??????

Don’t forget Barbara’s book or refer it to someone who needs it.  I did this weekend.

A great book.