The Mouthy Mermaid Shares Her Recent Blessings, Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Morning My Dear Readers,

As always I am sending my love and appreciation to all of you!!!!!!

Yesterday was a cosmic day and a day filled with blessings and I’m going to tell you all about it.

Love and Blessings

Most of this summer, I have been floating in the pool, looking at the sky and trying to figure out what’s next for me, hmmmmm, that’s always a great question in the contemplation of life, what’s next?  Well, I have been praying and manifesting WHAT’S NEXT.  Well, as usual God answers.

  1. The news anchor from our local channel 13, CBS is coming today at 1 to interview me about Michael’s story.  I am not even nervous.  We are going to sit outside by the pool and visit.  She has asked me to share pictures and all kinds of stuff.  I don’t have much as his wife refused to give me anything but I do have some stuff but mostly I have memories.  I really trust her as she as won an Emmy and her story got the attention of Dr. Phil.  So, I am ready to talk to her.  This story will be aired on 8/3 on the 10:00 news as part of an investigative report on the drug problem in Tucson.  AND YES, I GOT MY HAIR DONE 🙂  I told Mr this morning, we may have to set the alarm to watch LOL.
  2. Some of you may know sometimes I do elderly care.  I do companion care only for people I know and like.  Well, my lady who I have had for 1 year recently went into assisted living and I still go once a week but I have lost a good chuck of change.  It’s interesting how these elderly people come to me.  I get calls all the time but I only do it if I feel it is right.  Yesterday, a dear friend called me about helping her brother, who used to work for my dad and I accepted the job.  I am pretty excited as I got a 289.00 electric bill and we are going on a trip AND THIS IS HOW I GIVE BACK.  So interesting like Aunt Rae says how we are all connected.  More on this later.
  3. I do marketing for people, lots of internet stuff or blogs or whatever to help them get more exposure.  Well, I hate to check my email, mail or phone messages.  I don’t know why, it’s stressful for me.  So yesterday, I see I have 60+ emails so I decide to look at them.  I have an email from a guy who writes travel books and cook books and he is a referral from a friend and he wants me to help him.  So, I did some research on him and he is a retired CIA person who also owns his own security consulting business.  WHAT!!!!!  We are going to talk on Friday.  CIA, what a trip.  I hope he likes me.  I am not exactly CIA material.
  4. We decided to sell my car as it is old, needs  work, and we have too many cars.  So, Mr and I go to the car wash  to get it cleaned up before I post it on CL.  I was chatting with the car wash manager about the car and told him I wanted to sell it.  Well, he called me and came over last week and looked at it and asked me if he could bring his mechanic over and they all came over yesterday and went over the car and so on.  And we made and deal and they wanted to pray and we did and today we meet at the bank at 3.  I know after all of that they will show up, because of course now the guy across the street wants to buy it.
  5. And all of that was yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, moral of the story, be positive, put out good energy, help others and good things happen, right?????

It finally rained here, thank you God, a huge rain, with lightening and wind and thunder.  It was fabulous and really cooled us down.  I hope I won’t have a 289.00 electric bill this month and sometimes I don’t even care as long as I am not hot, the dogs are not hot and Mr isn’t hot.  Mr is working tons of overtime right now.  I woke up at 4:30 just to see him this morning.  This is the season the telephone poles go down.

And for the news story…….I have been blessed with the ability to use my voice, my voice to talk about Michael’s story in hopes it will help another user, another family or something.  I am using my voice for all the families I have met who have also suffered such a tragic loss.  You parents also keep coming to me like my elderly people.  I don’t know how or why.

So, I am busy today, busy getting ready for the news lady.  I cleaned on Sunday so I really don’t have much to do except be busy.  We are doing the interview outside by the pool next to my holy garden.  I have to pray and meditate today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Really not kidding.

So, say a prayer that these people really do meet me at the bank at 3.  Of course they didn’t want to leave a deposit but we all held hands and prayed so I guess that’s a deposit.

Think about me today at 1:00 MST.   I will be thinking about all of you.

And, if you know any families struggling with addiction issues remember my friend Barbara Fredricks and her book, Addictions and Family Healing.  It is really hard for me to read this because it could have been my story or any of our story.

Sending Mermaid Love to All,

Love, Thelma, The Mouthy Mermaid