The Mouthy Mermaid Says Good Morning

Good Morning Dear Readers,

Well it’s 7:00 and I am up and dressed and ready to go.  I am meeting a friend for breakfast at 8:30.  See, working on the EXILE.

I have some great news.  Remember in my last blog I talked about having an interview with the news station.  Well, Well and well, they are sending a camera crew over to my house next week.  Dear God, what will I wear and should I get my hair done?????  Just kidding.  This story isn’t about me.  It was pretty interesting when I asked the lady where she wanted to go with this story her response was she wasn’t sure because there are so many aspects to the story of abuse and addiction.  She wants to meet me and see some pictures and so on.  I think this may be a blessing.  Also, setting up some kind of foundation is in my mind but I don’t know any of that yet.

And today, I am going to do something a bit different.  I am going to give you all a short travelogue on some of my favorite places in Arizona.  Because it is so HOT here I have to focus on other places…….

A favorite of mine, San Xavier Mission on the Indian Reservation about 20 minutes away, on the way to Nogales or Green Valley. Build in 1692. A truly spiritual place.

A Tucson sunset from my front yard.
Sabino Canyon in the Spring. Not far from my house, a great place to hike and see wild life. Go in the winter.
Tombstone Arizona, The town to tough to die. I love it there. Lot’s of great stuff to do, bars, shops, gun fights, the usual tourist stuff.
Bisbee, Arizona once a thriving business area because of the mining. Now filled with artists, hippies and great shopping and it’s cooler there. A great visit.

And I have had a few really good times at this hotel.  (Not saying)

Pine Top Arizona. Last years vacation. 4 hours away and very cool weather and they have trees and lakes. We had a great fishing trip. We didn’t catch any fish.

So, enjoy my little photo documentary.  Have a great day and Do It.  or Not.   Love to you all.  AND STAY AS COOL AS POSSIBLE.

Thelma, The Mouthy Mermaid



And remember my friend’s book if you know someone who needs it.

My friends book is wonderful and so is she.

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9 thoughts on “The Mouthy Mermaid Says Good Morning”

    1. This is their big 4th of July Rodeo weekend. This is where 19 firefighters died a few years ago. The air here is so bad. Mr was driving home from Casa Grande yesterday and couldn’t even see Pacho Peak.


      1. There was an interview with the fire chief on the Prescott fire on NPR this AM. He said they are going to be more cautious in engaging this unpredictable fire – more concerned with firefighters’ safety.


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