The Mouthy Mermaid Says When God Opens The Door Look Out Because A Miracle Is Going To Happen!!!!!

Real Thelma, not pretend Thelma.

Good Morning Dear Readers,

Well, I have lots of things to talk about today.  First of all, my self imposed exile is about over.  I am feeling better about life in general.  The exile is not my style, I am a goer and a doer.  I was burnt out and tired.  AND IT’S HOT, UGH.

I went to see my dear friend Barbara Fredricks yesterday who is a fabulous therapist and spent quite a bit of time with her.

She wrote this book and it has helped me so much.  I am truly blessed and lucky to have so many wonderful loved ones.  Thank you.

My friends book is wonderful and so is she.

She had to remind me to use my toolbox.  My toolbox consists of self care, positive affirmations, meditation and prayer.  I was in such a funk I wasn’t using my tools.  So, she got me back on track.    And, I got my battery recharged on her wonderful energy table.

So I am feeling much better about life.  Back on track.  I do think when you lose a loved one you get some form of PTSD because I think I have it.

So, we have had 3 family functions in the last 3 weekends and I am pooped

This is a public domain picture because I learned a lesson about copy write.

and I think Mr. is too.  He would never admit it of course because he never complains.  He is a very manly type of guy and he works outside ever day. He is a phone pole guy, lineman.

Dear God.  And, I think we are going to have a party this weekend for the 4th.  I am never done.

And, here is my big news:  I saw a posting on Facebook about a month ago or so that our CBS local station was doing an investigative report about HEROIN in our city.  I was talking to my friend Natalie on Facebook Messenger at that point and I said “Do you think I should contact Jenna Wade ( She is the news person)  She said “YES.”  And I did and quite a bit of time went by.  And last Friday she messaged me and she is going to interview me today at 2.

I was pretty hesitant about doing this but after lots  discussion with my tribe and of course Mr.  Everyone thinks I should tell our story.  Who knows what or if she will even use it but I am doing it today.  Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In my world I really feel like the more I talk about this topic, maybe I will help another family or another user.  You never know.  So, as I have been in such a nasty funk God Blew The Door Open for me.  Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And maybe I will eventually get to some type of healing????

And I do have to say thank you to all the wonderful people who have been there for me and all the new wonderful people I have met on this journey. Sometimes I look at it in this way, God or the Universe put me here for a reason and maybe this is my reason.  Who knows.  Life Gives You Lessons, right?

Sending All My Love Today,

Thelma, The Mouthy Mermaid

PS  Show some love today:)






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7 thoughts on “The Mouthy Mermaid Says When God Opens The Door Look Out Because A Miracle Is Going To Happen!!!!!”

      1. The second cataract surgery week before last went as planned and the eye feels and works fine. I still get a panic twinge when I go out the door without glasses – 60+ years of habit. LOL


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