The Mouthy Mermaid talks About The Girdle Bathing Suit and Other Things Today!!!!!

Vacation a few years ago.

Good Morning Dear Readers,

Well, The Mouthy Mermaid is finally getting out of her mental funk.  Why was I in a mental funk who knows……I don’t…… but I know I am feeling better about life in general even though it’s about 114 degrees here in fabulous Tucson, Arizona.


This is how I felt in the new bathing suit.

So, I get we are aging women but REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  About a month or so ago Angel Girl were shopping at CostCo and they had really cute bathing suits for sale.  If you live in Tucson and have a pool a requirement is a closet of bathing suits because the chlorine eats up all that spandex.

So, we were looking at bathing suits and I picked one and I thought Angel Girl picked one, but she didn’t.  So, I buy a very cute bathing suit and it sat on the dresser for a few weeks because I really love my other Walmart cheap bathing suit and one day we were having people over and I  thought, hmmmm, I will wear my new bathing suit.

Well, putting on that bathing suit was like squeezing into a pair of the old days control top panty hose. I was thinking, really is this too tight, really should I take this back, really am I that FAT?  It was a miserable experience.  And I was dying laughing the entire time.  Finally, I got myself into this fancy new bathing suit and I thought, hmmmmmm?????  I’m going to take this back.  So, I go outside and Mr says “I love that suit, is it new?”  Hmmm.   It loosened up when I got in the pool.  Have I worn it again Hell NO.  Will I, maybe.

Who remembers these? OUCH

Why, do we as women feel we need to be thinner, cuter, sexier etc?  It has all been pounded in our heads by family, (mother) media, magazines, the doctor or WHATEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!  All of this makes us, WOMEN feel like we don’t make the cut, we are NOT GOOD ENOUGH, PRETTY ENOUGH, ETC.  You all get the idea.

As I was at dinner the other night with our family for our 7 year old granddaughter’s birthday, she went to reach for another roll and her mother almost had a heart attack.  I about had a heart attack and felt like saying “leave her alone, she is 7 and happy and healthy.”  This is how we lead our children into eating disorders.  Her mother is very skinny.  I was not that happy with her.

Besides, the girdle bathing suit all Mermaid life is going well.  We are staying as cool as possible, the animals and the plants are mostly alive.  Living in this heat is so oppressive I don’t even know what to say.

The Tucson desert. This pic is from Sonoita, Arizona. There are huge fires there right now.

So, today I will do what I did yesterday, spend the day in the pool under an umbrella not wearing my girdle bathing suit.  I just can’t go there.

And, I am going to HH with some old friends this evening.  I had to ask what HH ment when they invited me.  LOL, I am not an HH person but I am excited to catch up with some old friends.  BTW, HH means Happy Hour.  I think I will have Ice Tea.  I am not much of a drinker.

So, on this very hot day I am sending Mermaid love to all of you.  I would love to hear what ya all have to say about THE GIRDLE BATHING SUIT.

Have a happy, positive and fun day.

Love, Thelma

The Mouthy Mermaid




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4 thoughts on “The Mouthy Mermaid talks About The Girdle Bathing Suit and Other Things Today!!!!!”

  1. The girdle bathing suit is crap…really who comes up with this stuff and better yet, who buys it…it seems like lately the dumber something looks the more it sells… we should work on something to sell together…something stupid.. and I feel better too! Not sure what it was…


  2. OMGoodness I was laughing because I absolutely relate! I didn’t buy a bathing suit but a fitted cami-bra (not sure what it’s called) and boy what an event it is to get it on! Lol! Yes and let that little one eat another roll! She’s 7 and will burn it off before we get out of our chairs! Thank you for the laugh!


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