As I Drink My Coffee This Morning……

Good Morning Dear Readers,

As I drink my coffee this morning I am thinking…..I really don’t like this coffee today and I may switch it up soon to Diet Pepsi…..I don’t even know why????

That covers a lot today……I don’t even know why????  I don’t know why I have been feeling totally unmotivated lately.  I guess I need to recharge my batteries.  I don’t really even feel like going anywhere or doing much.  We have been floating in the new pool a lot.

Is it because of the weather?  It is very HOT here in Tucson, but of course it’s a dry heat!!!!   Every time I hear someone say that, I think what are they talking about????  HOT is HOT any way you look at it, right?

Is it because we have finally finished a 2 month construction project here.  Maybe?????  That project really took a lot out of me, with the constant blowing up of dust and all the changes happening here.

New pool, new yard.

Or, is it because I am shorted out?????  It seems to be that since Michael died, if I put too much or much on my plate I feel totally overwhelmed.  I really don’t know?  Louise is going to ask her therapist about all of this today for me.  I really don’t know or understand.

Old pool, old yard. New pool, new yard = $$$$$$$

I do know one thing.  I need a vacation or a change of scenery.  Mr totally doesn’t understand any of that.  He would be happy staying in this house forever.  But, in his job, he is on the road in a work bucket truck 40+ hours a week.  We are trying to plan a short weekend to San Diego soon.  That’s a big deal for him.  Last year I got him on a real vacation and he had a really good time once he got his mind around all of that.  And I am having a real vacation in August.  I am going to see Angel Girl in San Diego and we are going to the beach every day.  That is a real vacation for me.

Vacation a few years ago.

Do ya all ever just feel like you want to JUST BE??????  That’s how I am feeling right now.  

We were really busy on the weekend, we had all of Mr’s kids and grand-kids here to BBQ and swim in the new pool.  We had a really good time and Mr loved it.  So, that’s what it is all about.

I really feel like this is a boring story today and maybe that’s because I am bored and don’t really have much going on.  I am very happy right now reading novels from Amazon on my Kindle and watching Netflix.  What is wrong with me???????

But, I did figure out how to take pics from my phone and load them on my computer so today I am going to show you real pics from my real life.

It’s been fun showing ya all real pics from my real life.

Real Thelma, not pretend Thelma.

Have a great weekend and please can someone tell me what’s wrong with me???????

(Maybe I have lost weight)!!!!!  This was a few years ago.




Thelma, The Mouthy Mermaid



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12 thoughts on “As I Drink My Coffee This Morning……”

  1. Ah, sweetie I am right there with you. They say the closer it gets to the year anniversary the more we start to actually feel…we are numb for the first 8,9 months…and then it kicks in…I have been feeling the same way. I just want to “be”…and be…at the beach. It is the only place that truly heals my soul. We are going next weekend for 4 days to Chincoteague, VA. It is a wonderful, quiet old beach town….I love it and can’t wait to recharge. Love and hugs…

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  2. Generally, when I’ve gotten in that weird lazy-restless kind of state, it has meant something is cooking (maybe gestating is a better term) and my unconscious hasn’t seen fit yet to inform my conscious mind what it is, and its not going to until it is damn good and ready. So, what to do? Is the pool done yet? Just floating around for a while might be in order.

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      1. Oh, well scratch that idea, then. Weekend road trip, sort of a mini-vcation? Gather your mermaid besties and go see Wonder Woman? A real night out for dinner and dancing with the Mr.? Borrowing from the intro to Monty Python: And now for something completely different. It doesn’t have to be huge, just different, and preferably, FUN.

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