I have a Question?

Good Morning Dear Readers,

I have a question for you all????  So many of my mentors and advisers are talking to me about writing a blog about addiction.  Well, who would know better than me what happens and how it all ends up!!!!!  I am really frightened about this and really need to formulate all of this in my head.

  • What would be the .com name of the site?
  • What would I write?
  • How would I get the courage to do this?

My goal would be to help other families because you see, there is really no place for families to go who have lost children to this disease.

And, stories about these kids keep on coming to me.  Why?

And, I have Mother’s Day anxiety full blown.  I have kept it very low key and quiet this week.  Mr has been working out of town.  I really dislike this Holiday now, is it really a Holiday?  Blah………………………..

Please give me your ideas on this subject.


Thelma, The Mouthy Mermaid



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12 thoughts on “I have a Question?”

  1. Wow, Thelma, that’s a tall order. I agree it is needed and you are one who could do it. As for what to write, I think you might find yourself answering questions and sharing the stories of others, either in a re-telling or their own words. The name, I don’t know, such as how closely it should be identified with this one. I’m going to leave the notice for this post in my in-box for quick access as I think more about it.

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  2. I personally just write about my experience and how it affected me and what I do to overcome my codependency…well not really overcome LOL, more like try to keep it in check. Any blog that encourages and instills hope is A+ in my book. Just jump in and the details will come together!


      1. Terri, I filled out the information and got a confirm email but I still can click on anything on your blog? Please let me know what to do next, I am very interesting in reading your blog. Thank you.


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