The Mouthy Mermaid talks ABOUT BEING A “FIXER” leave me a comment on your FIXING

Good Morning Dear Readers,

Of course, Louise and I are having coffee, because ya all know Louise is camping out in the guest room after leaving the husband and we were talking about why we as women feel the need to FIX ALL AND EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING WE COME IN CONTACT WITH.  

So, here is our take on being a FIXER OF THE WORLD:  this is what has to say:  TO FIX:


to repair; mend.

to put in order or in good condition; adjust or arrrange:

She fixed her hair in a bun.

to make fast, firm, or stable.
Do we want to repair, mend and make stable:  Of course we do.  Because, I guess that’s what most women do and I would have to guess, not as many men are FIXERS.
I have to go back into my history and the history of most of my women friends.  Dear God, how many people, relationships, things and etc, have we tried to FIX.  So many I can’t even count or imaging.

I used to be the Queen of FIXING, now I really don’t even care.  I kind of feel like if you are not FIXED IT’S YOUR PROBLEM NOT MINE.
I have a really good friend who has been trying to FIX a man for years, he has moved out at least 5 or 6 times and SHE STILL IS TRYING TO FIX HIM. What is wrong with this picture:   Well, she is a FIRST CLASS FIXER, married for years to an alcoholic, a nice lady and a total care taker.  Why is this?  I would have to say total codependent.  I guess.  I guess, this is how women are made up.  To care, to nurture and to fix.
FIXING is a huge burn out.  Why, BECAUSE THE ONLY PERSON YOU CAN FIX IS YOU!!!!!!!  It is a huge wast of energy trying to FIX THE WORLD AND IT MAKES YOU VERY CRAZY AND SICK.
Right now, I am trying to FIX why my people are not here to install our new cool decking, maybe I can fix that.  They said they would be here at the break of dawn, maybe their break of dawn is different from my break of dawn.
So, moral of the story today:  YOU CAN ONLY FIX YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
Have a great day and remember, WE ARE NOT FIXERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thelma, The Mouthy Mermaid

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3 thoughts on “The Mouthy Mermaid talks ABOUT BEING A “FIXER” leave me a comment on your FIXING”

  1. Fixers – yes. Currently, my personal fixing focus (other than the cataracts thing, which I’ve farmed out to the doctor) is on fixing bits of the house and car, but as a therapist I did spend a long time as a professional people fixer, which I took up in part as a matter of “going pro” from the personal people fixing habit. Also, I’ve got involved in a local collection of folks who want to try to fix what a certain orange haired personage keeps trying to (in our opinions) break. More than half of them are women “of a certain age” (as the saying goes) or more. A pattern? Maybe so.

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    1. I want to fix the Orange Man too. I am involved in my own fixing of him and yes it’s mostly women. I am going to write a blog soon on the Orange family. I don’t have much energy on FIXING. I tried FIXING my pool people and they wont be here until afternoon. Good luck with the eyes. xoxoxoxo

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