My Friends Celebrate 62 Years of Marriage……Wow and Congratulations

Good Morning Dear Readers,

I was searching around this morning looking for some writing inspiration and I came across a picture on Facebook of my dear friends and a women who is a true inspiration to me and yesterday was their 62nd wedding anniversary.

I looked at their picture and it made me so happy to see them, both happy, healthy and smiling and still in love.  I know this because I am an honored visitor at their home and I see how they interact with each other.  They should give relationship lessons.  I bet they would have lots of takers.  

How do you make it through 62 years?  Really, I have no idea but I have some ideas.  Love, mutual respect, honor, trust, commitment, goals, plans.  I will have to ask them!!!!!!

I think my sweet Mr. would have been the one I could have made it 62 years with but we met in our late 50’s.  We have all those things, love, respect, honor, trust, commitment.  I am a lucky lady.  Mr. and I enjoy every day we are given, REALLY not kidding.  We don’t nit pick each other or find fault very often.  We both get it that we are lucky or blessed or however you want to look at it.

To Us

It seems to me this life can be a throw away society:  throw out your trash, throw out your old stuff, throw out your old clothes, throw out your old partner, husband, wife, lover.  Hmmmmmmm.

Does this throw away society make it easier to get a divorce or leave or move on??????   I would have to say yes.  It appears to me if couples are not feeling the love, the connection, the commitment, the physical attraction, the irritation of each other, LET’S FIND A NEW PARTNER.  HMMMMM.

People don’t see 62 years in their future of making their relationship work.  Because we live in an immediate gratification world.  We don’t want to do the work I guess.  Remember, The Hole in The Fence:  The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side, well guess what, usually, it’s not.

So, in honor of my friends 62 year old marriage, God Bless You.  I know she will see this because she is a reader.  God bless the life you have, the inspiration you give others, your wonderful family and thank you for being my friend and mentor.

Love and Peace,

Thelma, The Mouthy Mermaid



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4 thoughts on “My Friends Celebrate 62 Years of Marriage……Wow and Congratulations”

  1. I just did the arithmetic. My parents made it 66 years, almost exactly, until my Mom died. I don’t think that not staying together ever occurred to them, at least not that I know of. Congrats to your friends.

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