Looking Through The Hole of Life……….

Good Morning Dear Readers,

As Louise and I are sitting outside this morning drinking Diet Pepsi, we are watching her dog, Little Buddy.  Little Buddy’s life is sitting on the hot sidewalk in our backyard looking through the hole in the fence.

Louise and I started laughing and talking about “Looking Through The Hole of Life.”

It is Little Buddy’s life joy and mission to stare out into the alley all day.  What does he see out there, what is he thinking?

Sometimes we all are looking Through The Hole of Life……………………

We are looking for love, for affirmation, for peace, for fun, for relaxation, for whatever.  We, as HUMANS continue to be always looking for something or some such!!!!!!   Why, why are we not happy with all our blessings and all our gifts?  I don’t know, maybe it’s a HUMAN THING.   The grass is always greener on the other side, right or not?

I think Little Buddy is looking at birds, at the trash truck, at the alley action and a way to escape, because you see Little Buddy is a constant runaway, a seeker constantly looking for a way to get out of the yard!!!!!!  We have lost him a few times.  OOOOPS.

Are we as HUMANS ALWAYS LOOKING FOR A WAY OUT, A WAY TO ESCAPE?  A better something, what do you think?

Have a Fabulous Week,







Author: themouthymermaid

In the Mouthy Mermaid all talk is REAL

8 thoughts on “Looking Through The Hole of Life……….”

  1. Oh, there is that greener grass always beckoning through that hole, or, the persistent question, “Is this it, all there is?” There was a story about a monkey, a parable of sorts. His name was Curious George. Then there is the proverbial cat – fortunate to have nine lives. Fun post, and Little Buddy might be on guard. Who knows what suspicious thing might try to come through that hole?

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