Holiday Time for Parents Who Lose Children – The Mouthy Mermaid Doesn’t Even Know Where To Go With This??

Good Morning Dear Readers,

It is such a pleasure to be back and to be blogging for me again and to be interacting with ya all.

As this weekend rolls around I want to talk about something that is never very far away from me.  What do we do about Holidays when we lose a child especially to DRUGS or anything.

So far this year, I have been OK, OK is a very vague word and it’s a very weird and vague feeling.  I really guess, VAGUE is the way I feel about all of this.

What is the real definition of VAGUE:

From my friend

Definition of vague

  1. 1a :  not clearly expressed :  stated in indefinite terms vague accusationsb :  not having a precise meaning a vague term of abuse

  2. 2a :  not clearly defined, grasped, or understood :  indistinct only a vague notion of what’s needed; also :  slight a vague hint of a thickening waistline hasn’t the vaguest ideab :  not clearly felt or sensed :  somewhat subconscious a vague longing

  3. 3:  not thinking or expressing one’s thoughts clearly or precisely vague about dates and places

  4. 4:  lacking expression :  vacant vague eyes a vague stare

  5. 5:  not sharply outlined :  hazy

    Well, I guess that truly sums it up, hazy, vacant, longing, etc.  Lots to think about.  VAGUE……MY NEW WORD.

Stories of these kids who have passed away from DRUG OVERDOSES, keep coming to me.  I met a server at our local breakfast restaurant, who recently lost her daughter, a dear friend, her step-daughter, and old friend of Mr’s son, and the stories keep coming and the DRUGS keep taking our loved ones.

I have been on a crazy journey this last year and have found a voice about this terrible epidemic.

I was honored to be on a Christian radio show  around the anniversary of Michael’s death to talk about his. And a friend marched at a march for Opioid Addiction in Washington D.C. and shared Michael’s story.  So, I am a mother with a big mouth and a big voice about all of this.

His story was in our local paper on our celebration of the Day of The Dead:  Can I say how surprised to see this on the Front Page:

‘My whole thing is letting his spirit go’

By:  Kathleen Allen, In The Arizona Daily Star

Andrea Bryant‘s son, Michael Elliott, was 33 when he died of a heroin overdose in March. “This will be my first time walking, but I really feel I need to do it for the spiritual aspect,” she says.

Michael had a troubled adulthood, and while she never wavered in her love for him, Bryant holds on to the boy she raised.

“The Michael I loved was such a cheery, curly-haired redhead. A funny, sweet kid. He was the kid the teacher called you about. He was so funny, but he was so disruptive. He was a loyal, kind human. He loved animals. Michael grew up in Tucson, went to Catalina High School, was a football player, prom king. He had a really big heart and a really big soul. … He had a serious football injury when he was in high school. That’s where he got his first taste of legal dope, and really could never get it together after that. I’m very open about his story; we need to call it exactly what it is.”

She’ll walk the procession in costume, holding a large picture of Michael. “My whole thing is letting his spirit go.”

Needless to say, I couldn’t do the walk because the dog died that day.  Good, that made me laugh as I was crying right now.

So, Renee Stambaugh and so many of the other wonderful parents I have met on this journey, how do we do it?  My answer: We do it.  I really don’t see any other way around it.

And we think about them, and do a special gesture, whatever that may be for you.  AND WE DO IT.  And we keep educating everyone we come in contact with about OPIOID ABUSE AND WE KEEP THE CONVERSATION GOING.

So, as this Holiday about renewal is coming, remember the people you love, do something kind for someone, keep an open mind, don’t judge and help someone if you can and CELEBRATE LOVE, LOVE FOR GOD IF THAT’S YOUR THING, LOVE FOR THE UNIVERSE AND MOST IMPORTANTLY LOVE FOR YOU……..

And, No, I’m not depressed, I am pretty good.  Life is good and I am always blessed with abundance.

Love and More Love,

Thelma, The Mouthy Mermaid



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11 thoughts on “Holiday Time for Parents Who Lose Children – The Mouthy Mermaid Doesn’t Even Know Where To Go With This??”

  1. I have not lost a child, but there have been a number of other losses various ways. How do we do it? Yes, as you said, we just do it. I’m not at all sure we need to know how we do it, kind of like walking, if you think too much about how you do it you tend to stumble. And, each in our own way, at our own pace, and in our own time. There’s no universal rule.

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  2. Thank you for this and sharing your story…this Sunday is Easter and also my son’s birthday. The firsts are hard, the first Christmas without him and this is his first birthday since he has been gone. We always celebrated his birthday. He loved celebrations. So I will celebrate it with his two beautiful children. And we will keep his memory alive in our hearts.

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