Just Saying The Mouthy Mermaid Is Alive and Well

Dear Readers,

I know, it’s been so long.  Bad, bad me.  A reader contacted me today through a friend and I have been so remiss in doing NOTHING WITH THIS BLOG.  So, it’s time to get it moving again.

I have felt like I really didn’t know where to go after I deleted http://www.themouthymermaid.com by mistake and I was totally unmotivated to continue.

But, I am hearing my readers want to hear what’s happening in the life of the mouthy mermaid.

To start, life is fabulous or as fabulous as I choose.  All is well in our wonderful, blended family.

A very interesting thing has happened along the way, I am making Social Media Managing a bit of a business and have a few clients, family that I love and appreciate.  And I love and appreciate that they trust me to work with them.

And to my dear friend Renee, All is well and I promise to keep up The Mouthy Mermaid.

Love, Love Love

And Happy Easter,

Thelma, The Mouthy Mermaid


PS And now I have to remember how to work with this format.


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