A Thanksgiving Letter from The Mouthy Mermaid

Good Morning Dear Readers and Special Wonderful Friends,new-mermaid-1

This Thanksgiving has brought me so much reflection I don’t even know where to start.

First of all, this year has been a wild ride.  How did all this crazy stuff happen.  I don’t even know.  The death of Dear Son, the evolution of a fabulous relationship with Mr, the dog passing, a new baby being born into this family and on and on and on.  milagro2

I guess, in this life, we are constantly in change, in movement.  Sometimes we don’t want to move and are stuck in negative energy.  I really don’t know.  I do know that so many of us have experienced so much loss this year but have experienced so much love and growth.  I guess that is how it should be.

At our table this Thanksgiving there will be a manageable number of 9.  Nine loving people, mostly Mr’s kids and his grand kids.  We did the shopping on Saturday and the house cleaning, so I guess I am ready as I

am going to be.  I do know our table will be filled with love.  And we will be celebrating with a new baby’s first Thanksgiving.  Life is great.turkey

Cousin Sunshine is moving on to her weight loss surgery the week after Thanksgiving.  Love and blessings to you my sweet Cousin Sunshine.  I hope you gain everything you expect from this.  You have worked really hard to make this happen.

Cousin Sunshine, my hero.
Cousin Sunshine, my hero.

My Dear Louise has really had a change up and things are moving in a different direction for her.  You go Louise and make it happen.

Lovely Angel Girl is having a huge crowd for her

Happy Thanksgiving Angel Girl
Happy Thanksgiving Angel Girl

Thanksgiving.  Love you Angel Girl.

And my Italian Sisters are having conservative Republican family here from the East.  Have fun girls and KEEP POLITICS  OFF THE THANKSGIVING TABLE, PASS THE WINE.

Pass the wine girls
Pass the wine girls

And me:  I have had some interesting things happen recently.  Most of you know that I do all the Social Media for Rae Jacob and her beautiful book Acupuncture for Your Soul, http://www.raejacobwrites.com but now a few other people have approached me to help them with their businesses.  So, here I go into a new venture.  See, things are always moving and changing, right?????

And me:  I finally have an office in our house:  When I moved into this house, Mr had such a yard sale, hoarding room, you couldn’t even open the door, Dear God, junk freaks me out.  It has taken me almost 3 years to empty it of Mr’s freaky treasures.  I now have a lovely beach room, painted blue with a desk and mermaids hanging.  I love it back here and my dogs have their beds in here too.  A very simple home improvement project took me a week because the store didn’t mix the paint correctly. It was a total nightmare.   So, this elderly Mermaid was on a ladder for 3 days and it took a while to recover.

So, all is well in Mermaid land.  On this Thanksgiving take a moment to reflect how blessed and lucky we are.  I will thank God for all the abundance I have and I hope you do to.

Love and Blessings
Love and Blessings

Be blessed, be happy, eat a lot and have fun,

Sending Love,

Thelma, The Mouthy Mermaidthelma





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