A Catch Up From The Mouthy Mermaid

new-mermaid-1Good Morning Dear Readers and Thanks for Hanging in There With Me…..

So, its been a while since the last Mermaid publication……Here’s why……

  • The ELECTION, I had to go into serious prayer and meditation after all of that.  I feel so affected by it all, I have hardly turned on the TV.  The hatred and negativity is just too much.  So, I guess, we as American’s who don’t agree, are going to have to buck up and figure out a way to make this work in some way or fashion.  Not sure how yet, but all the nasty mudslinging on Social Media isn’t working for me.
  • The second this is we had to put down the dog last week.  It was a huge emotional drama.  We felt so bad for the poor dog but it was so important to do the right thing for the dog.  That took some  time to recover from.boston-terrier-crazy-eyes
  • Third:  Last week was my birthday week:  Well, turning 60, Dear God, I never thought I would be saying that.  In the old days I could party like a rock star, now I am happy and blessed to have things nice and low key.  I had a great birthday, so many cards, calls, Facebook posts and Mr did such a great job of showing me the love and red-and-white-birthday-cakeappreciation he feels for me.  I had a fabulous week.
  • And Fourth:  I really don’t have much to say except that I am so blessed and thankful to have the life I have.  Thank you God.

And, general topics:  I am trying to make a plan for Thanksgiving.  I feel like I am herding CATS trying to get a plan with everyone.  So I am just going to make a lose plan and go from there.  All is great.  I think it will be a small gathering this year and that is PERFECT.

And, I am trying to motivate to paint the back bedroom.  What ever crazy women lived in this house with Mr before me had some crazy colors going on.  I am not real excited about doing it but I like to paint, it’s a mellow activity for me.  I am going to clear “my office” off the dinning room and move back there.  That’s my plan.  I may go look at paint today.

turkeySo in general, not much is going on AND THAT’S A GOOD THING.   I am trying to get over the election and move on and not watch TV or much Social Media.  It is so upsetting to read, hear and see all the hate.    God Bless America is all I can say.

So, Happy Monday,

Sending Mermaid Lovethelma



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2 thoughts on “A Catch Up From The Mouthy Mermaid”

  1. Sad about the dog – been there with doth dogs and cats. I’m still sort of channel surfing through different feelings, interpretations, explanations, fears, hopes, and predictions from the election. Glad your birthday was good.


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