UNEXPECTED TEACHERS – NaBloPoMo 2016 – 3 of 30

So very true. Loved this today.


A parable from real life on the HARD WORK of getting “enlightened”.

One day some years ago, as I was driving about on some errand, I passed a pair of joggers. There they were, trudging along by the side of the road, obviously working very hard at being more fit. Their feet clumped and scuffed along. They pumped their arms up and down just so, and they wore facial expressions of great seriousness. What they were doing was GOOD FOR THEM, BY GOD. It was IMPORTANT! They were sort of depressing to watch.

A little later, farther along the road I passed a woman who was also out getting her exercise. She was not jogging. She was running, knees coming up high, feet seeming to just brush, almost caress, the ground, all fluid grace, not a wasted movement, long strides, practically flying. Then, she saw someone she apparently knew driving…

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