Good Morning From The Mouthy Mermaid

Good Morning Dear Readers,mermaid2

So……Life continues to move and move and move.  Things are pretty good and of course I am blessed every moment.

Last night we had about 20 trick or treaters and it was fun to see the kids.  It’s very sad  that neighborhoods are not filled with kids any more having fun.  I am usually home during the day and hardly ever see any kids.  The trust issue and the crazy in our society was making me a bit sad yesterday.  So……there’s that.happy-halloween-dekstop-free-wallpaper

The DOG!!!!!!!  As most of you know, I have a pack, 4 dogs, with one being 17.  About a year and a half ago we adopted 2 Boston Terriers from the Rescue.  Well 1 has always been fine and the other one has had so many health problems and has cost me so much money and vet time.  HMMMM…..Now, for a few weeks he really has not been right.  On a good day he functions about a 7 and that may be pushing it.  Now, he had a bloody nose a few weeks ago that was so freaky it was like a blood bath and since then he has not been feeling well.  Mr and I talked, because Mr loves the dog too and we decieded to see how it goes.  Cousin Sunshine read me the riot act yesterday to stop freaking out about the dog.  She said I was obsessed with him.  So, this morning he really didn’t like his breakfast and I am making him chicken, carrots, rice and green beans.  I am dreading calling the vet, first of all because I don’t feel like we can put more money into this dog and 2nd I am feeling sad about the dog.  So, I really don’t know what to do.  Feedback please!!!!!!!!!boston-terrier-crazy-eyes

And, something very weird has happened to me:  I have always been a goer, goer, doer, doer and FIXER now if I have too much on my plate I stress out.

Getting used to this new blog platform is OK, maybe I just should have left it alone and paid the money to Bluehost.  Or, maybe it’s time for a New Mermaid.  Who knows but now it’s what it is.

And, Me, hanging in there.  Yesterday was not a fabulous day, but today will be.  I already did my walk and that helps.

Who knows, who know and who knows.  I do know that I am feeling some kind of shift and that something is in the works.

And next week I will be 60.  Maybe thats why I’m a bit

So, on all of that note, give me some advice about my poor dog please.  So I will stop obsessing about him.

Sending Mermaid Love thelma

Thelma, The Mouthy Mermaid


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5 thoughts on “Good Morning From The Mouthy Mermaid”

  1. Thelma, it is so hard when a pet is doing poorly and we know that sooner or later, if they don’t get better we will call the vet and get whatever news there will be. I hope the little guy likes his special home cooked dinner. As for turning 60, I have at times favored stopping counting but have never been able to decide at what number. So, there is this exchange from George Bernard Shaw’s “Don Juan In Hell”:

    DON JUAN For you, perhaps, there are consolations. For instance: how old were you when you changed from time to eternity?

    THE OLD WOMAN Do not ask me how old I was – as if I were a thing of the past. I am 77.

    DON JUAN A ripe age, senora. But in hell old age is not tolerated. It is too real. Here we worship Love and Beauty. Our souls being entirely damned, we cultivate our hearts. As a lady of 77, you would not have a single acquaintance in hell.

    THE OLD WOMAN How can I help my age, man?

    DON JUAN You forget that you have left your age behind you in the realm of time. You are no more 77 than you are 7 or 17 or 27.

    THE OLD WOMAN Nonsense!

    DON JUAN Consider, senora: was not this true even when you lived on earth? When you were 70, were you really older underneath your wrinkles and your grey hairs than when you were 30?

    THE OLD WOMAN No, younger: at 30 I was a fool.

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  2. Oh Thelma, that’s a tough situation. Kaya got bit by a brown recklous spider a few weeks ago, and it resulted in an emergency surgery and $1,000 later she is doing awesome-worth every penny! Being a dog mom can be very stressful and expensive, but they are so dependent on us to take care of them. Don’t wait too long to go to vet (like me) or it will be more expensive and more stressful. Take him in tomorrow.
    D the D


    1. Dear Diane, the deal with Spike as the vet has said is he has so many things wrong with him. At some point Mr and I may have to make the decision to let him be in peace. I just don’t know, between the thyroid and all the special food, etc and the bad shape we got him in from the rescue, I just don’t have an answer right now.


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