The Mouthy Mermaid Says Meet The Crew

As I am moving on trying to figure this out, I think maybe it’s time to start over.  Lot’s of my stories were about Mr and the death of my son and so many other things.

Well, I have so many new blessings to talk about.  Mr…..well he is a fabulous human, the death of dear son is not forgotten but time is healing.  A new gift has come to me and that is helping Rae Jacob, market her book.

The Thelma Thomas Facebook page is alive and well.  And all is good.

Asking for prayers for my dog as I don’t think he is loving life.  I’m giving it a while to see how it goes for him.

Had a visit with Mr’s kids this weekend and that was fun.  All is pretty fab in Mermaid life. So……let’s meet the cast.


0511-1104-2516-2234_beauty_sitting_in_a_lounge_chair_with_a_cocktail_by_the_pool_clipart_image  The Lovely Miss M, who is a go to for everything.

cartoon-cute-girl-vector-27168   Cousin Sunshine, who has been in my life forever.

angelAngel Girl who I will see soon

Aunt Rae.jpg Aunt Rae,

mr  Mr and he really wears a hat like this every day.  xoxoxoxo

girl-friends-293x300  The Mafia Wives, They make things happen.


Again, this is a test.


Love, Thelma, The Mouthy Mermaidthelma



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